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Curiouser & Curiouser - Falling Down The Hole - Daydream

100% Cotton.  Tula Pink's 'Curiouser & Curiouser' Collection 
Introducing Tula's first monochromatic collection, designed to stand on its own or work with her other collections.  Featuring her signature animal prints with a twist; this versatile collection has rainbow ombre highlights throughout.  Tula has designed this collection with absolute versatility - each print's ombre uses the same colours from her other prints, and they repeat at least twice from selvage to selvage so every fat quarter will contain a full spectrum of colour! 

In Tula's own words;

"I have always loved the way a sketch looks before it becomes a more elaborate fabric design.
I love to be able to see the thought process, the notes, eraser marks and original ideas that eventually become the artwork we love.
The Linework fabric collection is my thought process on cloth. My notes and thoughts are printed directly on the cloth.
It’s like a peek behind the veil, like a tour of my mind.
My main black and white prints focus on animals that live in this range; Zebras, Pandas, Lemurs, Albino Peacocks, and of course a skunk."